Welcome to Cryptobontix, a company with a renewed vision off an old idea.

We apologize for the delays we have been having as we have been planning something far greater than what most have done in the cryptocurrency space thus far.

It has been our highest priority to deliver the best products possible. To do this we feel that global industry standards must be met at the highest levels in every country globally. This means that we must be legally licensed in the countries we wish to conduct business. In some, it requires being registered as a Security, while in others simply being licensed as a business is sufficient. This has been an extremely long process and requires lawyers and representatives from these countries to work together to accomplish what hasn’t been done by anyone else till now.

That being said, we have hit many bench marks in our internal accomplishments to achieve these goals for our interested peers. Over the next several weeks you will witness a massive roll out with well-known dignitaries as our Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, and partnering countries.

Our plan is to first execute a coin swap with our first token, the Unity Ingot (UNY). This had early smart contract issues and the fees to transfer the tokens have been excessively high. We have decided to reduce the tokens from 10 billion in issuance to 3 billion and rename the token to Dignity (DIG). We find it is more fitting to the purpose of our tokens and what’s backing each one, i.e., $1 in GOLD. We feel that when the details of how our program works and how it's redeemable for the bullion are completely revealed in the next few weeks, the industry will have a new gold standard that it can rely on. The program is quite unique, and you can read about it in our latest White Paper from November 2017.

The coin swap will occur from Tuesday, February 13th until Tuesday, February 20th, 2018. Following that, we will deliver the new White Papers with our team members, our partners, and our plans.

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 marks another important day as we will release our 3 additional tokens. These will all be securitized utility coupon tokens that are insured against the bullion held on reserves against each token. The 4 tokens represent a dollar value of $1 in Gold for the first token, $2 in Silver for the second, $3 in Platinum for the third and $4 in Palladium for the forth.

Cryptobontix wanted to provide not only a unique way to make both a reserve standard that is audited, insured, and accountable but also an ability for people to cash out of cryptocurrencies into bullion as you will read in our white papers.

Upon the release of the tokens, we will commence releasing the news and our official website. Cryptobontix will not host an ICO as we have been primarily self-funded and the company already has enough private investors interested.

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As the press releases roll out, subscribers will have the news sent to them immediately.

Thank you for your interest in our tokens, and we look forward to releasing more information shortly.

Sincerely, Management

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Cryptobontix Family of Token


Why Cryptobontix?

When Cryptobontix set out on its quest to discover what would make the ultimate of cryptocurrencies, we began by researching and analyzing the entire cryptocurrency industry. It did not take long before one requirement became glaringly apparent, and that is for a cryptocurrency to truly have value it needs to be backed by a hard asset.

Once we determined that only hardbacked currencies would have the strength and longevity to endure, we developed a series of currencies that was assetbacked, insured, and created a way to build growth behind the tokens. In doing so, we created a true bullionbacked entity with an actual amount of bullion behind each token to create a guaranteed intrinsic value.


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